• PUH PILOT UNLIMITED is a company which has been active in the food industry continuously since 2000. For over 16 years, we have been responding to the tendencies of development in the Polish and foreign markets. We have been reaching out to our Customers, invariably showing a dynamic in our sales figures; we never tire in the endeavor to improve the quality of our services and to enlarge the number of products on offer. Our main warehouse (10,000 m2) is located in Warsaw – Staniewicka 5 Street.
  • A well-developed logistics base and commercial experience let us maintain a high frequency of purchases and high run rates of our products. Our Customers appreciate the quality of the products on offer and our business reliability, that is why we attempt to give each one of our Partners a feeling that when they return to us for more services, their needs and satisfaction from transactions shall be our top priority.
  • Throughout the period of our activity, our customers, both domestic and international, quickly started to consider us as a reliable company. The company’s founder is Paweł Kubiak, who (thanks to his terrific activeness and knowledge of his first customers’ needs) managed to build the company’s status.
  • We conduct our business according to the rule of being “glocal” (think globally and act locally). PUH PILOT UNLIMITED cares about international development, without losing sight of its relationship with local communities. The customer is always at the centre of our strategy. It’s our ambition to create relationship which is built by positive experiences and understanding of Consumers’ needs and based on trust. High quality of service, caring about the environment, social issues and our own human resources is our mission. We believe that this is a key factor of the company’s success.
  • PUH PILOT UNLIMITED offers a wide range of products delivered by the world’s most known food producers. The company specializes in energy drinks, coffees and teas, in addition to non- alcoholic beverages, confectionery, cleaning products and cosmetics.
  • Although the company has a firm position in the soft drink and coffee industries, we are continuously extending our offer in order to satisfy our customers who are becoming more and more demanding. We are flexible and always searching for new solutions which would make us more recognizable in both the European and global markets.