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Our specialisations

FMCG products of global brands

Pilot International is the company with over 20 years of experience. We specialize in importing and exporting goods: groceries, toiletries, household and laundry items. We are the experts in trading FMCG products of worldwide popular brands: Coca-Cola, Mars, Jacobs, Ferrero, Red Bull, Tiger, Milka and Procter&Gamble, working with 97 countries from different continents.

A group of our satisfied customers include the whole range of international retail chains; smaller local stores and wholesalers.

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Import and export of FMCG products

Many years of experience have allowed us to build a network of contacts all over the world. Thanks to this, we are able to buy and sell FMCG products at an attractive price and deliver them to the farthest corners of the world. Borders and customs issues are no obstacles for us – we know the market and the rules of international trade very well.

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Strategic FMCG distribution hub

Our modern warehouse is located in Central Europe (Warsaw). It features extensive space, ensuring logistical efficiency and quick shipment of inventory.

Thanks to the scale of our business and excellent location, for over two decades, we have been streamlining delivery processes to a wide network of retailers, wholesalers, and various enterprises, including businesses just like yours.

When ordering FMCG products from us, you can also take advantage of additional services such as labeling, repackaging, and pad printing.

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Comprehensive customer service

We offer a wide range of additional services, including customs clearance, export documentation, labeling, repackaging, and door-to-door delivery organization. Our services cover land, sea, air, and rail transport.

Over 20 years of organic growth, quick response to real customer needs have given us a deep understanding of market demands and the requirements of businesses like yours. And we know how to meet them.

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Our products

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Solid and reliable business partner
Solid and reliable business partner
Stock availability
Stock availability
Over 3000 original products
Over 3000 original products
Individual approach to client
Individual approach to client
Warehouse location in Europe
Warehouse location in Europe
Competitive prices
Competitive prices
We place emphasis on long-term cooperation based on a sense of care and affordability

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    Do you have any questions? Contact us at your convenience We are available to you Monday to Friday from 7:30 a.m. to 6 p.m.

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