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Your expert in FMCG products world

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Pilot International's history

In 2020, we celebrated the 20th anniversary of Pilot International.

We would like to present you our history and the way to become the leader of the FMCG market in Poland and in the world. Meet the amazing people who contributed to this success and create our company.

  • 2000
    Registration of the PUH PILOT company
    Krzysztof Kubiak and his son Paweł register a company in Warsaw at ul. Swojska 9
  • 2000
    Praska giełda
    The beginnings of activity - Prague Food Exchange
    The company's warehouse has an area of ​​300 m2 and is 100% manned by employees. Orders were accepted by phone and fax.
  • 2005
    Prowadzenie firmy przejęcie
    Son takes over the business
    Krzysztof Kubiak dies, his son Paweł takes over running the company. The 26-year-old boy tries his hand at the domestic market and in the export of Coca-Cola beverages
  • 2008
    Rozwój pilot
    Paweł Kubiak welcomes his brother and 2 best friends to the company
    3 years after the death of his father and his lonely activity, there was a turning point - the development of the company gained an incredible pace. The company is transforming from a small company into a speeding locomotive - Pilot begins to become a recognizable company - new items in the assortment, development of domestic trade and new foreign customers appear.
  • 2009
    The first innovative Anuga Fair in Cologne
    There is a turning point in the way of acquiring new foreign contacts. PUH PILOT is the first company in history to exhibit at international FMCG fairs as a trading company, not as a manufacturer.
  • 2011
    Magazyn Annopol
    PUH Pilot moves from Hala Praska to ul. Annopol in Warsaw
    New warehouse with an area 2 thousand m2 and offices in the Mint of Poland make the company perceived as a stable partner. The Cologne fair brings new partners, the number of employees increases, and imports and exports are becoming the main driving force behind the turnover.
  • 2013
    Prężny rozwój PUH pilot
    The following years - a series of successes and an increase in turnover
    Each subsequent year means new acquired markets, an ever wider base of customers and products. Corporate experience in international trade is growing.
  • 2014
    Vigorous development of the company and the "non food" department
    The extension of office space allows for an increase in employment. The "non food" section run by Marcin Jarzębski is expanded. Since then, the company offers household chemicals, toilet products and cosmetics from leading manufacturers.
  • 2015
    Change of the company's location to ul. Staniewicka in Warsaw
    Firma przenosi się do obiektu o łącznej powierzchni ponad 10 tys. m2. PUH Pilot zajmuje się wyłącznie handlem produktami brandowymi czołowych producentów spożywczych i chemicznych.
  • 2017
    Implementation automatic processes
    The time is coming for a lot of automation of company processes. Full control of order fulfillment is due to the new system, for which Łukasz Fereniec is responsible.
  • 2020
    Zespół 20lecie
    20th anniversary of the company's activity
    2020 is a special year for the company. This is the 20th anniversary of operations. In addition to technological progress, we believe that relationships with employees and customers are the key to success.